Lexus Nx 2023 Reviews

Lexus Nx 2023 Reviews – The electrified NX350h is likely the Lexus NX’s choice thanks to its smooth, efficient hybrid powertrain.

The Lexus NX is the brand’s bestseller to date, and it’s not hard to see why.

Lexus Nx 2023 Reviews

Lexus Nx 2023 Reviews

Not only does it compete in the popular mid-size premium SUV segment, but it offers an incredible amount, far more than the old NX.

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Want a basic naturally aspirated front-wheel drive? You have it. A plug-in hybrid boat with four-wheel drive? There’s another one.

In between are the all-wheel-drive, turbocharged NX350 and the hybrid NX350h. The latter offers the most versatility of any member of the NX family, with three trim levels and a choice of front- or all-wheel drive.

Launched earlier this year, the new NX shares its TNGA-K underpinning with the Toyota RAV4, but looks completely different on the outside and inside.

Lexus’ sharp grille isn’t as distinctive as it used to be, although we know some people find this design motif impossible to ignore.

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The rest of the styling is an evolution of the old NX, and overall pretty unimpressive.

The range starts at $60,800 before road cost for the naturally aspirated NX250, which is available in just one unnamed trim level.

The NX350h Hybrid is the second most affordable powertrain and is offered in Luxury, F Sport and Sport Luxury models with front or all-wheel drive. All-wheel drive models are also available with an upgrade option package.

Lexus Nx 2023 Reviews

Our tester is the front-wheel drive NX350h Sports Luxury, which costs identical to the F Sport FWD at $73,100 before road costs.

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All-wheel drive adds an additional $4,800 to the price, and if you want to treat yourself, you can add a panoramic sunroof for an additional $3,000 or an Enhancement Pack 2 for an additional $6,000. Neither of these options are available on front-wheel drive models. drive

All variants are priced the same as the Turbo NX350, while at the top of the NX range is the NX450h+ plug-in hybrid, only offered in F-Sport guise here in Australia.

Our tester included the optional premium Sonic Quartz paint priced at $1,750, which equates to $81,570 in a Sydney zip code.

The NX450h+ has plenty of plug-in hybrid competition in this segment, but the NX350h hybrid has no direct competition.

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The NX350h therefore significantly undercuts the X3 and GLC, even in the top Luxury Sport trim level, while the Land Rover Discovery Sport and Alfa Romeo Stelvio are even more expensive.

Tougher competition comes from the Q5, GV70 and XC60. The Volvo and Audi have less standard equipment but standard all-wheel drive for almost the same price, while the GV70 is a value play at a lower price; , which are instead bundled into an expensive package of options.

A sustained squeak could be heard from somewhere on the right side of the dashboard, which, unlike some squeaks and squeals, was also heard when driving on smooth surfaces.

Lexus Nx 2023 Reviews

There is also a slight difference in width where the top and bottom halves of the panel meet, to the left of the center stack, and the fairing sags a bit.

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Otherwise, the build and material quality of the NX350h is top-notch. The doors close with a whopping thump, the feet are well cushioned, a leather look is used on the sides of the center console, soft-touch moldings on the dashboard and top of the doors, while the pedals and switches are tactile.

There is a little too much black detailing that tends to stain, while dark wood detailing is used sparingly. We wouldn’t mind seeing more of the latter as it’s very stylish, especially with its subtle ambient lighting.

Our tester had a black interior, which was pretty bland considering the Sport Luxury also offers red, maroon, and two-tone black and rich cream interiors. If you go for the black interior, I’m afraid we don’t have much in common.

Regardless of the color chosen, the seats are covered with flexible leather upholstery. Sports Luxury seats are really comfortable.

Lexus Nx Hybrid–luxury Suv

The cloud-based navigation in particular is nice to look at, although Lexus has removed the heated seat and ventilation controls in map mode to maximize display. Instead they appear on all other screens and unlike other Lexus products there are no physical controls for them.

There are physical dials for setting each temperature zone, though, and these are fold-out touchscreen dials with a small screen in the middle.

There’s a voice assistant, activated by saying “Hey Lexus,” which you can use for functions like adjusting the climate control. At one point we had trouble not understanding simple commands, but overall it works well.

Lexus Nx 2023 Reviews

Music flows through all 17 speakers of the Mark Levinson sound system, and while the standard NX sound system is decent, it takes your music experience to the next level.

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Below the climate control are two vents, while underneath there’s an open compartment that we’re struggling to find a suitable use for. There is no cover for it, it is not rubber and it does not fit the phone. Below that is the wireless charging pad, with an actually useful storage compartment underneath.

Soft white ambient lighting illuminates the charging pad, and Lexus forgoes bright Mercedes-Benz interior lighting for something more subtle.

Other storage options include a decently sized glove box, still largely salvaged from a very fat owner’s purse, as well as in-door bottle holders that fit 1-litre bottles, a relatively shallow center console compartment, a sunglass holder and a small storage compartment. behind the cover on the right side of the steering wheel.

The instrument cluster features an 8.0-inch digital display flanked by analog gauges for fuel level and engine temperature. It might not be the brightest setup in this class, but it’s clean, readable, and works well.

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The loading screen is detailed and there are different layouts if you want more or less information to be displayed.

On each side of the steering wheel you’ll find touch controls, denoted by arrows, and tapping them will tell the head-up display what those functions control. That means something as simple as skipping a track in a song requires an extra button.

Sit in the back, there’s plenty of headroom and legroom, although there’s a small bump cut into the center seat’s legs. It’s not the most spacious second row in the segment, but it’s welcome.

Lexus Nx 2023 Reviews

Rear seat equipment includes ventilation, a folding armrest with cup holders, a 12V power socket and two USB-C sockets, as well as in-door bottle holders and seat map pockets. The rear seats split and fold in a 60/40 ratio, while there are three headrests and two ISOFIX child seat anchorages.

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The NX350h uses wheels and therefore does not have a spare wheel. This frees up space for a number of compartments under the load floor, which is a handy place to stash valuables; The sharp-edged sections on each side of the trunk floor are also practical when shopping.

We appreciate the NX350h’s chime and subtle beep at overspeed; Watch out for the last Hyundai, but as with our NX250 tester, we occasionally noticed the odd beep when the car came to a stop.

Locking the door handle with the nearby pad usually results in the classic Toyota/Lexus beep, but sometimes it will beep multiple times for no apparent reason.

The electronic locking buttons have a nice feel, although we know they’re an acquired taste. I’m less of a fan of the gear selector, which can be a bit tricky to use.

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The petrol engine produces 140 kW and 239 Nm, while the electric motor produces 134 kW and 270 Nm, but no combined torque figures are available.

On a loop that included inner city, suburban and motorway we used an average of 4.9 l/100 km, which is 0.1 l/100 km better than the official combined figure. Within a week, this increases to 5.8 liters per 100 km.

This is more efficient than any non-diesel competitor. However, the NX350h requires premium unleaded fuel with 95 RON.

Lexus Nx 2023 Reviews

Braked towing capacity is 1500kg for all NX350h models compared to 1000kg for all NX models. The towing capacity without brakes is 500 kg.

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The NX350h powertrain represents the best balance of performance, fuel efficiency and affordability in the NX lineup, but the NX350h Sports Luxury isn’t the most balanced member of the lineup.

That has to do with his tour. Sitting on 20-inch alloy wheels wrapped in tires and passive suspension, the Luxury Sport lacks the agility of the base Luxury and its 18s, or the adjustability of the F Sport, which, though also wrapped in 20-inch wheels , is available . the advantages of the adaptive chassis.

That’s not to say the sporty ride is as luxurious as a board, but the larger wheels make for a higher ride.

The main route is generally good. It’s a little slow to push, but it generally stays up well even on bumpier roads.

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