Lexus Rx 2023 Interior Colors

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2023 Lexus RX First Drive Review: Bold color, three hybrids, impressive technology The hybrid RX 500h Turbo is a big step forward among many evolutionary changes.

Lexus Rx 2023 Interior Colors

Lexus Rx 2023 Interior Colors

Color. It is usually popularly portrayed in media or marketing images; which the designers believed gave the best results. They are often bold colors, although they are very rare. The original Lexus RX will forever be painted in desert bronze. It was as bold and unique as the car itself – remember the RX was the first luxury crossover, coming before the BMW X5 and at the same time Acura was trying to differentiate the Isuzu Trooper. Rx will continue to be painful, but it was completely new and different than before. Desert Bronze drives that point home.

Lexus Rx Debuts Gets Plug In Hybrid Power

As for making a similar statement, the fifth generation, 2023 Lexus RX comes resplendent in Copper Crest. Despite the name, it’s more of a rose gold, and isn’t factory painted than anything else on the road. It’s very current, and in 25 years we’ll all remember this RX in this color. Of course, the real question is whether the car itself would be worthy of a recall.

At least it’s a better-looking car than the one it replaces, using Lexus styling cues updated more compactly for a body that looks like it was intended for them from the start. The silhouette is now smaller than an SUV. Although ground clearance is up 8 inches more for the Range and overall height is only 0.4 lower than before, the new RX certainly looks lower than the old one individually, and overall for an SUV. There’s a big combi thing going on, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

The essential dimensions of the interior are virtually unchanged, although somewhat smaller than those of the previous generation. Frankly, most loyal RX customers had no beef with the available space. For what it’s worth, some back seat passengers reported that the back seat was very comfortable and spacious despite the tall driver in front. Cargo capacity is 29.6 cubic feet with the rear seats folded, which is comparable to the Toyota Venza.

The quality of the interiors doesn’t seem to be up to the level of its predecessor, and apart from a very large screen, there’s hardly any aesthetic in the dashboard design. The RX is no exception, and while the newer touchscreens available in 9.8- and 14-inch sizes offer improved performance over the older RemoteTouch touch systems and screens, it was once a bar that could be cleared in a short hop. Still plagued by a lack of keyboard shortcuts, crowded menu screens, and lag, the new system is limited in its capabilities. Even the driving modes are locked to a touchscreen menu instead of the fancy knobs found on previous generation Lexus models.

Lexus Rx Hybrid

The latest range of driver assistance technology is similarly up-to-date but disappointing. The latest Lexus Safety System+ 3.0 features updates and additional features, including a forward collision warning system that detects multiple obstacles approaching from multiple directions; integrated driving assistance and lane departure warning systems; and the optional Traffic Congestion Assist that makes it possible to drive at low speeds without hitting a traffic jam. Unfortunately, the driver inattention warning system in many of the test cars repeatedly alerted many drivers to pay attention to the road, even though their eyes never squinted. It can get you out. Admittedly, the lane-assistance system did an inconsistent job of keeping the RX centered in its lane using adaptive cruise control. In a typical right-hand sweeper, a car simply ignored the lines and decided to go straight into the left lane. System is disabled.

A new “assistant” function was particularly impressive, Pro-Active Drive Assist which combines road data from the navigation system with visual data from interior cameras to brake the car when entering a corner or going downhill. We didn’t see the revs, but a brake was visible that appears to be used on the RX 350h and RX 500h during downshifts. This shows the minimum region setting in EV. Previously, you had to select “B” with the Toyota Hybrid’s gear selector to get the equivalent of an engine stop. Now the car does it automatically. There are different levels of support available, as well as the option to turn it off.

The 2023 RX is all-new, riding on the same TNGA-K platform version as every front-drive Toyota and Lexus north of the Corolla. Lexus prefers to drop the “TN” when describing it because the T stands for Toyota, but rest assured the RX shares its mechanical DNA with the RAV4 or Sienna.

Lexus Rx 2023 Interior Colors

BMW buyers may hate it, but at the end of the day, the RX enjoys the same amount of power and upgrades as every TNGA debut – and this time, a lot has happened. It reacts more aggressively to inputs, exhibits greater stability on curvy pavement and offers a riding position that’s more of a squat than a recline. Lexus happily ported the previous generation RX to rear-wheel drive, and the new version had a more pronounced steering wheel, with less leeway in the mid-range regardless of driving conditions. Everything seems fast.

New 23 Lexus Rx Conquers City, Highway And Country With Intelligence

The RX 350h (pictured below) now also features a quieter and more refined Toyota hybrid powertrain setup. As an upgrade, it includes a naturally aspirated inline-four, two front motors that help drive the wheels and the car’s components, and a planetary gear that combines with those motors to create what Toyota calls the e-CVT. says (because the end result is like a conventional belt-and-pulley CVT). A third motor on the rear axle kicks in when front wheel slip is detected to create four-wheel drive on the road.

The upside is exceptional fuel economy for a mid-size SUV: 36 mpg combined, or 12 mpg better than the RX 350’s new 2.4-liter 275-horsepower turbocharged inline-four (more on that later). The downside is poky acceleration. The 0-60 time is an official 7.4 seconds, and it feels slower on the highway as well, largely due to the naturally aspirated engine and e-CVT transmission. Basically, it’s what you’d expect from a hybrid.

However, for 2023, the RX is doing its best to change that expectation with two additional hybrid options. The new RX 450h+ uses the same plug-in hybrid method

Like the new NX 450h+ (details were scarce, so we’re just assuming the systems themselves are identical). It uses a conventional hybrid powertrain and upgrades it with a larger, 18.1 kilowatt-hour battery that will allow for some amount of electric range to be announced later. The NX 450h+ can go 37 miles on a single battery, so there’s probably something in that ballpark. Although it will be available later than other RX models, we had a chance to take it for a short 15-minute drive where we found it to have as much drive power as the NX 450h+ and the closely related RAV4 Prime. Acceleration in EV-only mode is smooth and satisfying in the ability to drive without burning fossil fuel, but it’s ultimately underpowered as there isn’t enough torque available at the high end of the powerband. Driving in hybrid mode keeps you going as electric as you can, but if you kick it in, the gas engine will come through with greater acceleration than the RX 350h due to the larger amount of electrons available. The Zest also reduces droning, although it still has the e-CVT.

Lexus Rx350 First Drive: Finally! The Turbo Rx Arrives

Then there’s the new RX 500h, which features Lexus’ new hybrid powertrain (which will eventually be shared with the Toyota Crown). It has the same turbocharged engine as the gas-only RX 350, which in itself is important to Lexus’ hybrid program. Instead of an e-CVT, the RX 500h gets a single electric motor sandwiched between the engine and the standard six-speed automatic transmission. Inside that sandwich is a clutch pack that allows the engine to drive the wheels or act as a generator to feed the battery (the Toyota Tundra has a similar hybrid setup, but with a torque converter instead of a clutch pack). The end result is a more natural driving experience with gear changes, no drone and smoother, low-end torque thanks to the turbocharger and electric motor. Driving is better, but Lexus says this new hybrid concept was designed for performance purposes (like the Tundra).

The electric four-wheel drive system is also new. Although the RX 500h also relies on a separate electric motor to drive the rear axle, which has no mechanical connection to the front drivetrain, it’s not just a reactive system that only kicks in when the front wheels are driven by hand. There is a need. Like most mechanical four-wheel drive systems, the “Direct4” AWD system sends 80 kW of power to the “eaxle”.

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