2023 Lexus Ls Specs

2023 Lexus Ls Specs – Although pricey, the Executive package makes the Lexus LS as luxurious and impressive as a sedan that costs twice as much.

Few luxury vehicles combine a comfortable driving experience with high-tech features like the Lexus LS 2023.

2023 Lexus Ls Specs

2023 Lexus Ls Specs

The 2023 Lexus LS is a full-size luxury sedan set it against the G90 generation and BMW 7 Series

Lexus Ls Review, Ratings, Specs, Prices, And Photos

The Lexus LS 2023 is a great sedan without high-tech features and with a design that meets luxury car standards. However, it’s not as sporty as some of its competitors It’s a 7.0 out of 10 on the TCC scale (Read more about how we rate cars.)

Offered in LS 500 and LS 500h versions, where the ‘h’ stands for hybrid, this large sedan sports a lightweight design that blends in well with the rest of the Lexus range. It’s different but subtle from the BMW and Mercedes-Benz flagships. From the spindle-style front grille to the curved sides, the LS looks more like a larger version of Lexus’ cheaper ES than a true flagship. It’s a style statement, but not a flashy statement

Inside, it’s similarly understated, although Lexus has sweated out details about trim options, including cut glass and ultra-thin foil instead of the usual glossy wood.

In the LS 500 you get a twin-turbo V-6 with 416 hp, while the LS 500h uses a different V-6 with an electric motor and battery pack that strikes a good balance between acceleration and economy. Rear-wheel drive is standard, all-wheel drive is available Don’t look for sport management; The LS is a soft-riding sedan that’s nimble but not exactly fun to drive

Lexus Ls Ls 500 F Sport Rwd Features And Specs

Instead, this big sedan is more about interior space and comfort, and you get an excellent adaptive cruise control system that helps make long journeys more comfortable. An even more advanced system can automatically change lanes or steer the car away from pedestrians Premium LS 500h models now come standard with Lexus Teammate, a system that allows limited driving times with combinations and passes.

The LS is a relative bargain among larger sedans, starting at $77,535, or about $3,000 more with all-wheel drive. Positioned as the true flagship of the line, the LS 500h now starts at $113,435.

Lexus offers several options for the LS, which may come as a surprise given the limited sales volume. If you’re looking to get more out of your LS 500, consider options costing at least $10,000.

2023 Lexus Ls Specs

It’s not quite a “stealth,” but the Lexus LS is a relatively well-rounded choice in the premium sedan segment. Sure, up front is a polarizing spindle grille, but that’s where its bravo ends. Its interior is a real treat though It’s a 7 on our scale, with average ratings spread across the interior.

Changes To The 2023 Lexus Models

At first glance, the LS is almost indistinguishable from the smaller (and significantly cheaper) ES sedan Price per economy set From the side, its length is more pronounced, particularly around the large rear doors, which provide access to a comfortable and impressive rear seating area.

If a car is more luxurious than its price tag, then it is the LS Detailed details, including real glass and thin foil metal, as well as a variety of unusual decorations, make the LS a real eye-catcher. Sure, it might not have the level of customization that BMW or Mercedes offer, but the likes of Lexus show obvious care.

Aside from the F Sport’s interesting equipment, no LS variant tries to be anything other than a luxury container. Sure, the handling is precise enough, but the LS is all about low road separation and quick acceleration It’s 7 thanks to its smooth, if somewhat unusual, ride quality and impressive boost.

The LS 500 uses a 416hp twin-turbocharged V-6 engine to send power to the wheels through a 10-speed automatic transmission. It’s very quick, with a subtle rattle underboard, and the gearbox generally behaves well, apart from the occasional low speed. confusion

Lexus Ls To Get New Infotainment, Other Tweaks

Opt for the LS 500h and Lexus’ replacement for another non-turbocharged V-6 but with an electric motor and larger battery pack. The combo is good for 354 horsepower, although the instant engagement of the electrified powertrain means power flows from a standing start. When it comes to freeway crossings, the LS 500 benefits from having more than that

The Lexus LS’s suspension response is a bit stiff for our liking, although this sedan can swallow big bumps. It’s never quite as relaxed as Germany’s best, even if the optional air suspension absorbs small bumps in the road. Likewise, the steering is precise but largely low-feedback, so the LS doesn’t stream down the road like the old Cadillac did. Instead, it moves with the grace of a beauty queen rather than a straight-laced hostel

The Lexus LS 2023 offers an absolutely divine cabin with excellent space and attention to detail. It’s an easy 10, even with a trunk that’s on the large side for a sedan

2023 Lexus Ls Specs

Front-seat drivers have 28 adjustment, heating, cooling, and massage modes, but they still don’t have the best seats in the house. That compliment comes second-rate when equipped with the pricey Executive package, where the 22-seat seats include ottomans, shiatsu massagers, a center console, and even extra airbags. They’re a nice reminder that in some markets the LS is a car to drive…

New 2022 Lexus Ls 500 Base In Ann Arbor, Mi

Standard leather is fine, but most LS models have an oily semi-aniline finish. This beautiful leather interior opens up the car’s more attractive wood inlays, cut glass or striped foil.

In the back, the LS has a 17-cubic-foot trunk that might not have a fancy trim but can swallow a couple of golf bags.

We can’t rate it because neither the IIHS nor the NHTSA hit the wall

However, LS will do its best to avoid collisions. All models have automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, a blind-spot monitor and active traffic control. The optional Lexus Safety System+A lives up to its original name, automatically changing lanes when a turn signal is activated to avoid misguided pedestrians. That’s $3,200 well spent

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This year, the LS 500h Hybrid comes with Lexus Teammate, which allows restricted driving on certain roads, including the ability to overtake slower vehicles while the driver is seated and in control.

Lexus packs a lot into the 2023 LS, although few competitors offer a wider range. Starting at $77, however, the 535 means the LS undercuts its main European competition by thousands if not dozens, but loses a handful of standard features.

It features a 12.3-inch touchscreen with Cross Edge technology, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility, leather and heated seats, and LED headlights. A four-year/50,000-mile warranty and one-year of free service add to the appeal The LS is a 9 on our scale, a big screen with standard tariff points, decadent extras, a pretty decent infotainment system, and an impressive warranty.

2023 Lexus Ls Specs

The LS 500 offers the most affordable price and widest range of customization options. We’ll start with the base car and spend $3,300 to get all-wheel drive. Then there’s probably the $3,530 interior upgrade package, with its gorgeous herringbone wood trim and more leather. At around $12,500, the luxury package might tempt you with its massage front seats, power rear seats and other features, but we’d part for the Lexus Safety System+A instead, which also requires a heads-up display. , adaptive air suspension and a surround camera system Add in Mark Levinson Audio and you’ll still be putting the price at just over $94,000 — big bucks, but lots of car.

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Mercedes wants $20,000 more (like the base model Toyota Corolla Cross for rainy days). Is the Benz worth it?

Prices for the LS 500h start at $113,935. It’s largely based on the well-equipped LS 500, but with the Lexus Teammate’s high-tech assistance system. The only alternative is cosmetics

Hybrid versions aren’t bad given their size and performance. They’re rated at 22 mpg city, 29 highway, 25 points, which would net a 3 on our scale.

Instead we’re looking at the LS 500, which offers a much longer range. It’s rated at 18/29/22mpg with rear-wheel drive and 17/27/21mpg with all-wheel drive. These numbers aren’t bad even for a car with over 400 hp

Lexus Ls Hybrid

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2023 Lexus Ls Specs

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