Lexus Ux 2023 Reviews

Lexus Ux 2023 Reviews – Lexus is giving its smallest crossover, the UX, an update for the 2023 model year, and the biggest news is that the subcompact SUV will be exclusively hybrid, ditching the Lexus 169-liter inline 2.0-liter powertrain. Under the name UXh, it’s now powered by a 2.0-liter in-line four cylinder and an electric motor that drives the rear wheels, making a combined 181 horsepower.

Besides ditching the gas-only model, Lexus has made some minor changes to the UXh. Lexus says 20 spot welds have been added to the bodywork to increase structural rigidity, while new 18-inch run-flat Bridgestone tires are designed to reduce noise and vibration. Inside, the optional big screen has grown by two inches to 12.3 inches and the center console has been reconfigured. There’s also a new voice-activated assistant and other technologies like an app-based digital key.

Lexus Ux 2023 Reviews

Lexus Ux 2023 Reviews

2023 UX 250h F Sport models also get a Design Package and a Handling Package. The former adds things like F Sport-specific wheels, a grille, a black roof, painted wheel arches and a sunroof, rain-sensing wipers and automatic headlight leveling. Additionally, the F Sport gets handling performance dampers and Active Variable Suspension. The interior has also been upgraded, with heated and ventilated F Sport seats, an aluminum steering wheel, shift knob and pedals. Lexus has yet to announce pricing for the 2023 UXh, but previously the cheapest UX hybrid trim, the UX 250h, started at $36,825, and we don’t expect prices to go up. The 2023 UXh will go on sale later this summer

Lexus Ux Buyer’s Guide: Reviews, Specs, Comparisons

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Lexus Ux250h Review: A Luxury Hatchback In Disguise

The 2023 Lexus UX brings new style to the masses. We don’t care about your line. The UX is firmly in the modern Lexus camp with its angular styling and fuller profile. It is more attractive than some of its rivals such as the Mercedes GLA. A version of the Lexus hourglass grille gives the UX a familiar look. From sharp LED headlamps to creased flanks, look no further for smooth curves or lines. At the rear, the hatchback-like bodywork tapers off abruptly, with red taillights connected by a narrow strip.

The 2023 Lexus UX was not born for thrills. The UX 250h comes standard with FWD, but offers optional AWD and a second electric motor that drives the rear wheels to provide winter traction. The UX offers ample acceleration with a 4-cylinder engine coupled with two electric motors and a large battery for a net power of 181 hp. The hybrid drinks in 43/41/42 mpg for the front-wheel drive only model and 41/38/39 mpg for the four-wheel drive model, both using regular unleaded gasoline.

A transmission with a fixed first gear connected to a planetary torque gearbox tries to imitate a conventional automatic transmission, although for the most part the suppression fades into the background. The same can be said for UX management. Its steering is reasonable and its ride quality is comfortable, though the F Sports, with its larger wheels, is better.

Lexus Ux 2023 Reviews

It may be small, but the Lexus UX has plenty of safety features backed up by good crash test scores. The 2023 Lexus UX performed well in crash tests. The IIHS rated it a Top Safety Pick, while the NHTSA rated it five stars overall. Every UX comes standard with several crash-avoidance features that tend to be optional on rivals, including automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, blind-spot monitor and active lane control.

Lexus Ux 250h F Sport Review: The Affordable Luxury Crossover With Few Complaints

The UX is more conventional inside, with a dashboard that is slightly angled towards the driver. Up top, the infotainment screen sits on the dash, and the gauges are flanked by some less-used auxiliary controls. Center stack switches and a traditional gear stick contrast comfortably with the capacitive knobs and knobs that enter the rest of the cabin.

The Lexus UX 2023 uses its allotted space. Lexus’ smallest crossover isn’t particularly useful, but what’s there is well-rounded and has a quality feel. There is decent cargo space in both the front seats and cargo area. Lexus covers the UX in leatherette regardless of the optional package. The front seats are well-shaped with good power adjustment, but we wouldn’t pay for the grippier (and headroom-stealing) F Sport thrones.

With only 33.1 inches of backseat space, the UX isn’t a good choice for families, although it’s better to use than some competitors. The narrow rear doors make climbing aboard a bit difficult, though we like the folding armrests and rear-seat USB port. Behind the rear seats, the UX offers about 17 cubic feet of cargo space, more than a sedan of the same size. Cross rails can also be attached to the ceiling.

The 2023 Lexus UX is reasonably equipped today for around $36,000 with leather upholstery, power seats, active safety technology and a new infotainment system that includes Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and finally a touchscreen. The screen comes in a standard 8-inch size, but a 12.3-inch version is available on higher trim levels. Lexus equips the UX with a 4-year/50,000-mile warranty and two free service trips.

New Lexus Ux 250 Takumi 2022 Review

The F Sport package is about $2,000 more than that for more compact styling and bolstered seats, but we’d skip that version. The Luxury package is another $5,000 and adds niceties like a kick-sensing power tailgate and a 10.3-inch display with navigation. Add LED headlights, head-up display, heated steering wheel, wireless smartphone charging and other little details to the four-wheel-drive UX 250h Luxury, and Lexus will bill you just $45,000.

For those looking for a luxurious urban crossover to conquer the urban jungle, the 2023 Lexus UX is a commendable choice. It drives like a proper Lexus, ignoring the outside world, pleasing the eyes and senses with its forward-thinking styling, providing safe, reliable fuel-efficient driving. The new hybrid powertrain for 2023 definitely moves the needle. Ultimately, the UX is a true Lexus and worth a look.

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Lexus Ux 2023 Reviews

The smaller UX is at the bottom of Lexus’ SUV lineup, sitting below the compact NX. Indeed, we wouldn’t go so far as to call the UX an SUV — it’s a solid car-based crossover that sits slightly higher than a small midsize hatchback — but we can describe it as modified for 2023. Its changes? Lexus has dropped the gas-powered version of the UX (formerly known as the UX200), leaving only the hybrid UX 250h.

New Lexus Ux Awd F Sport Hand At Serving Bloomfield Hills, Mi, Iid 21615882

First introduced in 2019, Lexus’ smallest crossover is one of several models in the luxury automaker’s lineup that has yet to make the transition to its latest cabin user experience (aka, you know it, “UX”). In other words, it’s also packed with Lexus’ amazing touchpad-based infotainment system, which works like a laptop trackpad: users use a touchpad between the front seats to move a cursor on the dashboard screen, click on desired options from menus. It’s not so much that the setup isn’t intuitive, since most people have used a laptop at some point, but that moving the cursor requires concentration, more so when the car is moving and bumping.

Fortunately, Lexus has fixed this outdated technology, replacing it with the latest Lexus Interface touchscreen infotainment multimedia system in the UX line, which debuted in the larger NX crossover last year. The entry-level UXH now has an 8.0-inch touchscreen, while the original

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