2023 Lexus Rx 500h Reviews

2023 Lexus Rx 500h Reviews – Lexus RX500h Sport Performance F 2023 AWD First Drive Review: Mouthful 366 hp hybrid four-wheel drive and a new hybrid powertrain distinguish the most powerful RX on sale today.

RX 2023, with the most memorable name, is also the best model in the range. Officially called the 2023 Lexus RX500h F Sport Performance AWD, this luxury SUV is the most powerful RX you can buy, along with a solid blend of luxury and sportiness. It’s also a hybrid and sits at the top of the new four-model RX lineup. For the new RX 2023, having the highest number in its name is pretty cool if you can understand what Lexus means.

2023 Lexus Rx 500h Reviews

2023 Lexus Rx 500h Reviews

Simple version: the RX350h is the efficient one, the RX450h+ is the one that thinks it’s electric (plug-in hybrid), and the RX500h is the sporty one. That’s one reason the RX500h is only sold as an F Sport Performance model; any effectiveness is more than a happy byproduct.

All New 2023 Lexus Rx Details And Photos

We’ve never seen a Toyota-Lexus 2.4-liter turbo I-4 in a hybrid powertrain before. The engine itself produces the same 275 horsepower as in the regular RX350. Add a converter and a rear axle motor and you’re looking at a combined 366 horsepower. Unlike other RX hybrids, the RX500h has a model-specific AWD system called Direct4, which can split torque between the front and rear axles in milliseconds, with a split ranging from 70/30 front/rear to 20/80. We’re eager to thoroughly test the system in a way that only we know, but in the meantime, another benefit of the system – perhaps while driving at safer speeds – is the way the automaker says it minimizes body movement.

This caught our attention because body control is an issue we’ve noticed in the Lexus NX, a smaller SUV that sits on the same platform. Unlike the RX350h, which uses a CVT, and the RX350, which has an eight-speed automatic transmission, the RX500h sticks with a six-speed automatic to keep weight and size under control, Lexus says. The gearbox works flawlessly in the RX500h, which, despite the F Sport Performance name, makes it no luxury RX SUV – the Supra-SUV doesn’t need it.

At least on the smooth roads we drove the RX500h on, the suspension was damped in standard drive mode, suggesting that Lexus wants a more luxurious sports model than a focused canyon carver. We felt more steering in the standard RX350, but the RX500h is a bit more fun and manageable thanks to the powerful powertrain, artificial engine noise pumped into the cabin and dynamic rear steering system.

In the RX500h version of the rear steering technology, this means the rear wheel can move up to 4 degrees in the same direction as the front or in the opposite direction, depending on speed. For example, turn into your street at city speeds, and the rear can turn in the opposite direction to the front to give the SUV a nimble feel. After driving several different RXs on the same day and on the same road, we noticed a significant positive difference in the rear steering system. This isn’t the first time Lexus has offered this technology, which is also available in competitors like Mercedes and Genesis. Either way, the RX500h version is great, and unlike the Direct4 system, owners can appreciate something a little more familiar. However, what we would like in the future is more than 4 degrees of rotation to further enhance the experience.

First Drive: The Lexus Rx 500h Aims To Inject Some Extra Performance Into This Large Suv

60 mph in 5.9 seconds isn’t fast these days, but it’s the fastest 2023 RX offered today. And in most cases, the RX500h offers more than a driver needs for any situation. What makes this model special is how it does it all while still posting an estimated 27/28 mpg city/highway. That’s impressive when you consider all the power and features the RX500h packs, especially compared to the RX350 AWD’s 21/28 figures. Yes, the 246-hp RX350h hybrid comes in at 37/34 mpg and has a longer driving range, but that model sends more vibration through the pedal than the RX500h.

With the RX500h’s almost natural braking, you won’t even care that it’s a hybrid. Appreciate the extra power without sacrificing fuel economy compared to the RX350. If you’ve ever wanted more fun out of your mid-size luxury SUV without going full RS, AMG or M, try the RX500h. The RX500h combines a powerful turbocharged engine with a rear electric motor that is nearly twice as powerful as a standard hybrid. It’s pretty easy on the eyes.

The new Lexus RX 2023 will be introduced later this year with a new look and four powertrain options. Three of these configurations are hybrids.

2023 Lexus Rx 500h Reviews

The RX 350h is powered by a 2.5 liter hybrid system with an electric motor on the rear axle. It’s good for 246 horsepower and up to 37 mpg combined.

Redesigned 2023 Lexus Rx First Drive

The top of the range is the RX 500h F Sports Performance. It combines a 2.4 liter turbocharged engine with the front wheels and an 80 kilowatt electric motor at the rear.

The more powerful and grippy tires hurt the RX 500h’s efficiency, which drops to 27 mpg combined.

All RX 500hs come standard in F Sport Performance spec with adaptive dampers, rear-wheel steering, reinforced brakes and many visual upgrades.

I consider the Michelin Pilot Sport 4 SUV tires to be the greatest helpers of the F Sport Performance kit.

Lexus Rx First Drive Review: The Best Seller Gets Sweeter

Toyota is keeping the specs under wraps for now, but with the same powertrain and lithium-ion battery as the RAV4 Prime, I expect 30-40 miles of EV range on a single charge before the engine fires up.

Check out our first drive review to learn more about the 2023 Lexus RX model, or keep scrolling for more images.

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2023 Lexus Rx 500h Reviews

In recent years, the Lexus RX has had three core features that could win over midsize SUV buyers: distinctive styling, a lower-than-average price among its competitors and perceived reliability from its parent company. But it’s not very interesting to drive and is let down by a touchless infotainment system with a frustrating and distracting user interface.

Lexus Rx Review: The Quiet King Of Luxury Crossovers

At least, that’s what characterized the previous generation RX, which dates back to 2016. Lexus unveiled a redesigned RX for 2023, complete with a host of new powertrains and other improvements. The new RX 500h F Sport Performance will be the highlight of the revised model range for 2023 and will aim to respond to last year’s criticism.

The fifth-generation RX is the same size as its predecessor, but Lexus says it’s lighter and offers more legroom and cargo space inside. Externally, the new RX looks similar to the previous model. The most noticeable change is that Lexus has replaced the top of the previous hourglass grille with a body-colored panel that extends the hood line.

The new RX will compete with other luxury mid-size SUVs such as the Acura MDX, BMW X5 and Jeep Grand Cherokee.

The redesigned RX will offer four different powertrain combinations, identified by numbers after the RX prefix. The RX 500h F Sport Performance uses a 2.4-liter turbocharged four-cylinder, a six-speed automatic transmission, and a hybrid system to produce an energetic 366 horsepower and 406 lb-ft of torque. Lexus says 0-100km/h will take a very quick 5.9 seconds. The last-generation RX 450h we tested, which has 308 horsepower, needed 7.3 seconds to reach 60 mph.

Lexus Rx First Drive

All-wheel drive is standard on the RX 500h F Sport Performance, and Lexus says it’s optimized to improve traction on dry roads as well as in snowy or icy conditions. Firmer handling and upgraded brakes specific to the RX 500h F Sport Performance should add to the sportiness of the RX500h.

Lexus estimates the RX 500h F Sport Performance will achieve 26 mpg in combined city/highway driving. That’s 2 mpg better than the RX 350, which has 91 fewer horsepower. More power and better fuel economy – what’s not to like?

The RX 500h F Sport Performance (that’s really its full name) uses the hybrid system’s key performance advantage – namely instant torque – to create the fastest RX available. Combined with a 2.4-liter turbocharged engine and a six-speed automatic instead of the RX 350’s eight-speed unit (Lexus says the six-speed works better to meet its performance goals), the 500h uses a rear-mounted electric motor. axle for more interesting performance.

2023 Lexus Rx 500h Reviews

Taking advantage of that extra power, and when it comes from the rear wheels, gives the 500h revs better, especially acceleration out of slow and medium-speed corners. With

Is The 2023 Lexus Rx 500h F Sport Performance Packed With Enough Power?

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