Lexus 2023 Rx Specs

Lexus 2023 Rx Specs – The RX has been a game-changer for Lexus since it first hit the scene, and now the new fifth-generation model features a new twist on the marque’s “spindle” grille. With a body-colored roof, the face of the 2023 RX is an interesting evolution of the polarized Lexus look found across the range. Regardless of what you think of the new design, the new RX is set to expand the luxury SUV spectrum with new powertrains, including a plug-in hybrid model and a 367-horsepower RX500h F Sport Performance Hybrid variant. The Lexus all-wheel drive configuration is called Direct 4.

Rumors suggest that Lexus will introduce a new three-row crossover called the TX in the near future, so we don’t think the previous “L” RX model will return this time around. This would allow the RX to take its place in the two-row crossover between the compact and midsize, which has worked for this model throughout its history. With a 2.4-inch longer wheelbase, the new RX promises more rear-seat space but the same overall length, meaning its overhangs are shorter and its proportions look more athletic.

Lexus 2023 Rx Specs

Lexus 2023 Rx Specs

Toyota’s GA-K architecture is common to many models, including the Highlander, RAV4, and the smaller Lexus NX, which sits below the latest RX. Lexus says the new model is up to 198 pounds lighter than before, and the redesigned multi-link rear suspension also improves the ride and handling of the RX.

Lexus Rx Price And Specs: Base Price Up $15,000

The 3.5-liter V-6 engine used in the previous RX350 and RX450h disappeared and was replaced with a variety of four-cylinder powertrains, including an entry-level gas engine and three different hybrid variants. The RX350 has a turbocharged 2.4-liter inline-four engine with 275 horsepower and 317 lb-ft of torque; As with the NX350, this engine is available with an eight-speed automatic transmission and either front- or all-wheel drive. The RX350h uses Toyota’s familiar hybrid setup with a 2.5-liter inline-four engine and a naturally aspirated electric motor that together produce 246 hp; It comes standard with all-wheel drive and will get an estimated 33 mpg combined, 3 mpg better than the V-6 hybrid setup of the old RX450h.

The new RX500h F Sport Performance is starting to get interesting. This version of the RX, to be considered in the same performance class as the V-8 IS500, features a new hybrid system with a turbocharged 2.4-litre in-line four-cylinder gasoline engine and a six-speed automatic transmission instead of a planetary one. . A typical set of Toyota hybrid transmissions. It produces a total of 367 horsepower and 406 lb-ft of torque, and Lexus says the all-wheel drive, called Direct4, includes a more powerful electric motor on the rear axle to improve driveability.

The RX450h+ is also available with a plug-in hybrid powertrain. Lexus did not provide details, but we expect it to have the same configuration as the 302 hp NX450h+ and Toyota RAV4 Prime PHEV. The NX plug gives you an EPA-estimated electric driving range of 37 miles, so the RX PHEV should fall somewhere close to that.

Trim levels for lower end models will include Base, Premium, Premium+, Luxury, F Sport Handling, while the RX500h F Sport will be at the top of the performance range. 19-inch wheels are standard on all versions, with 21-inch wheels optional. The redesigned interior looks similar to the NX and is available with an optional 14-inch touchscreen with Lexus’ latest infotainment system. The interior color options include six different colors including red and brown, while bamboo, open-pore wood and aluminum finishes will be available.

Lexus Rx 500h F Sport Performance First Drive Review: Getting Emotional

We believe the base price of the 2023 RX will increase slightly from the RX350’s starting price of $46,995. The RX350h Hybrid will likely cost around $50,000, while the RX450h+ will likely be closer to $60,000. There’s no precedent for the RX350h, so for the RX50h, we wouldn’t be surprised if the model hit the $70,000 range. Lexus says the new RX will go on sale later this year.

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Lexus 2023 Rx Specs

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Lexus Rx: Photos, Specs & Review

Why Chinese electric vehicle maker Ziker aims for US IPO 1968 Peugeot 204 Coupe is our pick for BaT auction New Civic Type R to race in 2023 2023 Maybach S680 Haute Voiture ‘Drivable Art’ Apart from Tesla, nothing stands in the way of Lexus The RX was on its feet The RX just turned seven years on the market, but the compact luxury SUV still dominates Lexus’ sales charts. While the attractive Model Y attracted buyers despite delivery delays and an asking price of around $70,000, the RX made a comeback thanks to its luxury, reputation for the Lexus name, and tenacity. Because the RX has become

As the first SUV of the year in 1999, Lexus carved out a niche as an honest, luxury-oriented soft-roader with the right package size and reasonable off-road capability. And while it’s mostly identical to the latest 2023 generation RX350, which boasts the latest technology, fresh design and a new turbocharged I-4 engine, the RX remains superior in this respect.

Finally, the RX is switching to a new platform for 2023. This gives Lexus the opportunity to reduce weight, improve vehicle dynamics, add new technologies and introduce a brighter model range. Previously only offered in two- and three-row versions as the RX350 and RX450h, the 2023 model now offers a standard RX350 model in addition to the RX350h Hybrid, RX450h+ Plug-in Hybrid and performance-oriented RX500h Hybrid. There is currently no three-row RX, but we expect the upcoming three-row TX model to be better able to accommodate six or more passengers than the cramped RX L or GX.

The 2023 RX350 should account for the majority of new RX sales. It replaces its V-6 with a turbocharged 2.4-liter inline-four engine producing 275 hp and 317 Nm of torque under a low, long bonnet, with power channeled through an eight-speed automatic transmission. That’s less power but more torque than before, although we suspect that most buyers will care more about the interior and exterior color combination than how many horses their RX has. Fuel economy is up 2 mpg over the previous V-6 model, with an expected EPA rating of 22/29 mpg city/highway with FWD and 21/28 with AWD. Lexus estimates that 60 mph will take 7.2 seconds with four-wheel drive and 7.5 seconds with front-wheel drive, which means the new RX350 is half a second slower than the 2022 model.

Redesigned 2023 Lexus Rx First Look

On the open road, the RX350’s four-cylinder engine mostly stays in the background where it belongs. Lexus wisely silenced the engine, because even in the guise of F Sport, the RX is the most luxurious SUV. The engine may not sound like the turbo I-4 in the smaller Acura RDX. As for the RX350, we didn’t detect any noticeable turbo lag, and the idle was beyond doubt. (Some engines produce a lot of knocking or vibration when started.)

The only downside to the RX350 engine was how it sounded at medium to full throttle: a bit unholy to our ears. But that’s not where RX350 owners will spend most of their time. It’s primarily a cruiser, though ironically, after trying every 2023 RX, we felt we had the most control in the RX350. The RX’s eight-speed automatic transmission is responsive and smooth, but again, anyone expecting something sportier might be better off buying something else. While the RX350 F Sport is more confident to ride, it’s never uncomfortable.

Interior quality and luxury are a big part of the Lexus RX’s appeal, and we can safely comment on that last element. The delivered Lexus test SUV was a pre-production prototype and doesn’t reflect the quality of the model you see in a dealer parking lot, but the attention to detail is still there. Almost every surface looks or feels soft to the touch, right down to the interior door handles and sides of the center console. We spent some time on the 2023 RX on a trim walk, and even the lower trim models have enough luxury in design and style to deserve an L badge.

Lexus 2023 Rx Specs

However, we suggest upgrading from the standard and Premium models to extend the infotainment system from the 9.8-inch touchscreen to the 14.0-inch, which is available on the 2023 RX Premium+, Luxury and F Sport Handling trims. It’s just a better everyday experience. Note that these two screens do double duty, with on-screen navigation and audio feedback, as well as HVAC controls. Suddenly he

Lexus Rx Revealed With 367 Hp Hybrid

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