2023 Lexus Es300h Review

2023 Lexus Es300h Review – Alex Nishimoto has been working in the automotive industry since 2007. For 10 years he wrote articles for MotorTrend and contributed to CNET, PRI, AutoWise and other publications.

Along with the big LS engine, the full-size ES helped launch the Lexus brand more than 30 years ago. The car has changed a lot since then, but seven generations later it is still associated with the Toyota Camry and Avalon. Like its predecessor, the 2023 Lexus ES focuses on comfort and sporty driving.

2023 Lexus Es300h Review

2023 Lexus Es300h Review

The ES 350 excels in this role. The bike’s suspension is good enough to deal with bumps in the road, and the seats are well-supported for long rides. The box remains silent and loaded in all conditions, regardless of the situation. When it comes to performance, the ES 350 won’t set your pants on fire, but it won’t try. Power delivery from the V6 engine is smooth, quick shifting. In such a car you can sit down after a hard day and forget about the worries and problems of the outside world.

Lexus Es 2022 Meluncur, Facelift Minimalis Dan Update Teknologi

In 2023, Lexus will ditch the controversial touchpad interface. The introduction of the touch screen last year left the editor, but now the change is complete. The dashboard opening reveals a redesigned center console with standard wired Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration. Lexus will also offer two new F Sport trim levels this year. The F Sport Design is a direct replacement for the previous F Sport model and the F Sport Handling is the old F Sport Dynamic Handling package with more extras.

The Lexus ES 350 competes with the Mercedes-Benz C-Class, Audi A4, Volvo S60 and Acura TLX, among others. As we have confirmed, the ES cannot be powered by them (responsibility falls on the rear drive of the Lexus IS). But what it lacks in functionality it makes up for in convenience and beautiful features. See our expert review for details.

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The ES 350 has plenty of power, great handling and the comfort and quiet of a Lexus. Some of the rival German cars are sportier, but the ES is currently one of the best performers.

Lexus Es Hybrid

How does the ES 350 ride? Acceleration is strong and easy, and the V6 engine is strong in its rev range. The steering is well balanced and gives the ES 350 traction when rolling. The tires don’t have much grip, but overall the ES is better than you’d expect from such an interesting engine.

Around town, the ES is fun to drive and shift gears. Even when cruising around town, the electric style of the ES makes it seem like it’s going.

How comfortable is the ES 350? Comfort and privacy are features of ES and have not been sacrificed to improve the service. The front seats are firm and supportive, with no large lateral bumps that make getting in and out difficult. (Note that the F Sport sports seats are ugly with fenders.) The rear seats are just as comfortable if they’re wide and flat. You can sit forward and backward for a long time without getting tired.

2023 Lexus Es300h Review

This new ES 350 doesn’t lose its ability to deal with potholes and road debris. On the highway there is less wind noise – better than you’d expect from a Lexus – but it’s noticeable due to the car’s excellent handling and engine noise. Engine noise is not noticeable. The warmth from the heated seats is best in cold weather.

Lexus Es 300h Update: Launch, Price, Features, Powertrains And Rival Details

How’s the lake? Getting in and out of the ES is no problem thanks to the smaller seats and wider doors. There is a big difference between the front passenger and the door to create space. There is plenty of room in the back seat, especially between the seats and knees, even for passengers as tall as 6 feet.

Drivers of all sizes and builds should feel comfortable driving thanks to the power-adjustable ES seat and most of the car’s features. The sound system is great and sounds like an old electric guitar player.

What about technology? Our test car came with an impressive 12.3-inch display. Wide navigation maps look good because of the high contrast of colors and symbols. The display can be locked and many navigation, telephone, audio and climate controls can be controlled by voice command. Also included is wireless integration for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration with your phone. The ES comes standard with standard driver safety features like cruise control and lane keep assist to help reduce road trips.

How to save? The ES 350’s 13.9 cubic foot trunk provides space for luggage and golf clubs. However, the rear seats do not fold down, so you won’t be able to load long items. There is plenty of space inside for smaller items. Pouches are small, but cup holders work well for holding all sorts of water or beverage bottles.

Lexus Es Receives Technology And Style Updates For 2023

Are there children There is plenty of space to mount child seats and the anchors of the car seat are easily accessible.

What does fuel economy look like? With an EPA rating of 26 mpg, the ES 350 is one of the best mid-size sedans on the market. Of course, you can opt for the ES 300h hybrid for better economy. We got 27.3 mpg on our test run.

Is the ES 350 worth it? For the price, the ES offers a great experience. Interior materials and high-quality design make the ES cockpit a beautiful place. It’s lightweight and comfortable to wear, and the cabin shows Lexus’ attention to detail: panels, soft buttons and detailed stitching.

2023 Lexus Es300h Review

Lexus is marketed with quality materials, space and comfort in mind. Some competitors start with price, but not so clean. It’s similar to the competition for warranties, but most don’t match the experience of Lexus customers.

New 2023 Lexus Es 300h 4dr Car In Cerritos #pu028931

There is nothing extraordinary about the ES 350. The ES is designed to appeal to a wide range of riders and exudes class inside and out. However, thanks to the excellent suspension and powerful V6, the ES 350 can provide this luxury and sometimes cut corners.

You may be tempted by the F Sport ES variant, but if you’re looking for a sporty Lexus, we suggest checking out the IS. In our opinion, the ES works well as a luxury sedan, so we recommend it at the luxury level. In this model, you get all the standard features of the base car, plus all the extras of the Premium range and advanced features such as leather upholstery, interior lighting, a powerful rear spoiler and more. .

Lexus offers the 2023 ES 350 in five trim levels. It starts with the standard ES 350 which is very well finished followed by a beautiful center molding. The Ultra Luxury version comes with all available features as standard. There is also the F Sport Design category, designed for those who appreciate style and sportiness. To further enhance its sporting character, the F Sport Handling version is available with adaptive suspension and other performance-enhancing features. All ES 350 trims are front-wheel drive and the same power: a 3.5-liter V6 (302 hp, 267 lb-ft of torque) mated to an eight-speed gearbox. The details of each cut are as follows:

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Lexus Es Review 2022

Like the rest of the Acura lineup, the TLX is a serious truck game. It may not be on the same level of performance as others in its class, but combined with all-wheel drive, it’s a lot of fun to drive. The interior of the TLX is not as simple as in the ES 350 and it is not as comfortable, but it looks better and better.

Like the ES 350, the S60 boasts comfort and build quality. A 247 hp, four-cylinder turbocharged mild hybrid system serves as the primary powertrain and provides low torque. All-wheel drive is available, giving the S60 exceptional handling. The S60 is a stylish car that follows the ES in many ways and is more stylish.

The A4 offers the perfect combination of technology and performance in one

2023 Lexus Es300h Review

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