2023 Lexus Gx Reviews

2023 Lexus Gx Reviews – Journalist Michael Cantu became an automotive enthusiast as a child who could name almost every car on the road. After racing for fun in a car dealership, Michael moved to Los Angeles to pursue his automotive dreams.

The Lexus GX 460 is an old luxury SUV. Not only because it is a vehicle that was actually introduced in 2010; It’s also because it has vintage frame-and-frame architecture and a non-turbocharged V8 engine, which is rare in today’s luxury SUV market. However, these qualities, along with full-time four-wheel drive and intelligent suspension, give the GX 460 impressive off-road capabilities. It’s a quiet interior and a well-built SUV inside and out, with easy-to-use controls that go beyond off-road capabilities.

2023 Lexus Gx Reviews

2023 Lexus Gx Reviews

Unfortunately for the GX 460, its age has held it back in many areas. Compared to modern competitors such as Land Rover Discovery and Mercedes-Benz GLE, Lexus offers comfort, Lack of technology and fuel economy. Overall drivability is minimal, and the cargo area behind the third row can be small and difficult to use. But if you don’t care about those drawbacks and like the vintage look and unique look of the GX 460, this might be the SUV for you. If you need more help deciding, Check out our test team’s full assessment in our expert assessment below.

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Our vehicle testing team evaluates a new batch of vehicles every week and conducts objective evaluations on our test roads including city roads, Combined with real-world driving on highways and winding roads. Data collected in the results of our expert evaluation. It’s based on a 30-plus score that covers every aspect of the automotive experience.

The Lexus GX 460 is a mixed bag. It’s as sturdy and well-built as ever, but despite being updated over the years, the components are almost worn out. Brakes fail when the engine is strong and smooth. Other luxury SUVs outperform the GX 460 in almost every area.

How to drive GX 460? The Lexus GX 460 has a lot going for it, but it falls short in an important area. In normal city use, the GX can be lethargic due to its heavy weight and thrifty throttle pedal and gear timing. The emergency braking system is also disappointing. Stopping from 60 mph is a class-worst 133 feet. Thankfully, low-speed handling is easy thanks to tight turn-in effort and light steering.

The GX handles well on and off-road, but the steering is lifeless and numb. For off-road the GX 460 has a small transfer case and a locking center differential, while the suspension system (KDSS) automatically generates impressive wheels. But the ground clearance is not good. There is less overhead. This is a great option for other owners looking to add an expedition bumper and lift kit.

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How comfortable is the GX 460? The Lexus GX 460 is very quiet, and the ride is generally smooth without any excesses or jolts. However, grooves and grooves in the asphalt often cause a slight wobble that will make your passengers uncomfortable. Also make sure you test drive the seat before you get on the dotted line. Everyone is different, but not all workers like the chair because the bottom of the seat feels like a board in all seating areas.

The appearance of the climate control system is outdated, but to give credit; It’s very good. The front seats are heated and ventilated, and the second row seats are heated. All three rows have air vents and the second row has its own climate control.

How is the interior? The interior layout of the Lexus GX is dated but works well. Generally there is plenty of space and it is easy to find a good driving position. The high seating position gives a view of the road, but makes it a few steps higher than the new SUV.

2023 Lexus Gx Reviews

Available parking assist keeps this vehicle on track in tight parking spaces. The exterior mirrors are the right size and acceptable in both off-road and on-road conditions.

Lexus Gx 460

What about technology? Even with a larger screen and the addition of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for 2022, the GX 460’s tech features can’t help but feel dated and outdated. From the latest generation map graphics to the unforgiving trackpad controller and advanced driver assistants. The GX is a technical disappointment. In addition, many off-road applications found in other luxury SUVs (angle indicator, camera angle, terrain management) are not available or exclusive to the top option package.

How to store The second and third row seats can be folded into the floor, but the cargo capacity is not comparable. The cargo deck of this conventional body-frame SUV is so high that anyone smaller will struggle to load heavier items. A swinging back door prevents curbside access. Maximum towing capacity is listed at 6,500 min, but the tow hitch and accessory wiring are dealer installed and not factory integrated.

How to save fuel? In this day and age, larger SUVs are more fuel efficient. The HFS GX’s 16 mpg combined (15 city / 19 highway) isn’t bad; The GX 460 test vehicle hovers around the image, making it look a bit ugly.

What is a good GX 460 value? The GX 460 is very high quality in materials and workmanship. But the interior has gotten better over the decade. Simplicity and layout will attract buyers, but most others will be put off by the lack of modernity.

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It’s fun to drive like a box truck-based SUV; That’s not saying much. It’s much more sophisticated and quiet than you might expect. But it felt straight and old as a hill. Time is up.

If you are in the market for a large and capable luxury SUV; We recommend ordering it with the top Luxury trim of the GX 460. You won’t be satisfied with the base compression; The premium finish doesn’t add much. Opting for the Luxury trim gives you a more comfortable ride thanks to its adaptive air suspension, and you get an updated sound system and impressive Mark Levinson leather upholstery. If you plan to cut some roads; The Luxury trim also allows for the availability of an Off-Road package.

2023 Lexus GX 460 Base; It is a three-row luxury SUV available in three premium and luxury trim levels. Each is powered by a 4.6-liter V8 engine (301 horsepower, 329 pound-feet of torque) mated to a six-speed automatic transmission and standard four-wheel drive. Features include:

2023 Lexus Gx Reviews

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The Discovery is a three-row luxury SUV with powerful off-road capabilities. However, unlike the GX 460, It is superior technology; It is a more modern SUV with better fuel economy and comfort. If you want to tackle tough off-road terrain, the Discovery’s extra 3 inches of ground clearance will last longer. The starting price remains the same, and the Discovery’s top trim offers more luxury if you have the budget for it.

Grand Cherokee is not considered a luxury SUV, but if you choose the best Overland or Summit model, GX 460 technology, You will find a luxurious and more modern interior. The standard model has only two rows of seats. But if you choose the longer Grand Cherokee L, you get a third row. A relatively weak and inefficient V8 is the only engine option for Lexus. The Grand Cherokee is powered by a fuel-efficient V6; It offers a more powerful V8 and a plug-in hybrid powertrain.

The GLE isn’t a capable off-road vehicle, but the optional all-wheel drive system and adjustable air suspension will be more than adequate for the road trips most luxury SUV owners will take. It is also one of the mid-range luxury SUVs for off-road performance. GLE performance, comfort, It is much better than the GX 460 in most areas, including luxury and especially technology. However, the GX 460 seems to be less ordinary and more special.

Lexus RX average rating 3504.3 from 30 reviews. Starting at $45,920 Lexus LX 6005.0 Average rating from 2 reviews $86,900 Acura MDX3.6 Average rating from 69 reviews. Starting at $48,000, the Lexus GX will be reminiscent of SUVs of yore, and the model will be the last V-8-powered SUV still in the brand’s lineup. The model is expected to get a major redesign in the near future, but before the GX goes under the knife, Lexus is offering a few updates for 2023. The 2023 GX 460 starts at $57,575, an increase of $300 and includes $1,150 (all prices) over the previous model.

Lexus Gx 460 For Sale Near Oak Park, Il

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