Lexus Nx Hybrid 2023 Review

Lexus Nx Hybrid 2023 Review – Review of the Lexus NX 450h + 4WD F Sport, a capable PHEV This Lexus model boasts excellent design and performance.

We tested several hybrids, including the 306-hp Toyota RAV4 Plug-in Hybrid. As a result, the performance of the car is very smooth and fuel efficient.

Lexus Nx Hybrid 2023 Review

Lexus Nx Hybrid 2023 Review

Although the 2022 Lexus NX 450h + 4WD F Sport has 309 horsepower, you get the same power output.

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It’s clear that Lexus made this hybrid model a logical first step before 100% electric cars hit the mass market.

So, if you’re looking for a mid-size (4.66 meter long) premium SUV PHEV that offers (virtually zero) fuel consumption when charging the battery, the NX should be on your list. Especially if you’re looking for a different beauty.

It is true that there are no changes at the front compared to the previous axle as the dual axle panel is modern and new.

The large 14.0-inch wide screen is a real eye-catcher and neither side can gather much dust.

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The seats are better than other brands. If you’re big enough, you might feel a little tight inside. These car seats are ventilated and heated.

Then there’s a 10-speaker audio system, Hey Lexus voice assistant, navigation and an induction charging station, as well as plenty of USB ports.

Surprisingly, however, the panoramic sunroof is manual rather than electric, which is surprising for such a car.

Lexus Nx Hybrid 2023 Review

As a family car, this model should be spacious. This is visible in the rear seats, which are open and comfortable for tall people.

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Thanks to the TNGA-K platform, the capacity of this model is 545 liters, which increases to 1436 liters when the rear seats are folded down.

The NX 450h+’s powertrain consists of a 2.5-liter 185 PS naturally aspirated gasoline engine and two electric motors, one at the front with 182 PS and the other with 54 PS.

So there is no physical connection to the four wheels. A combined 309 horsepower results in first-class performance: 0-60 mph (0-100 km/h) in just 6.3 seconds and a top speed of 200 km/h (124 mph).

The battery capacity is 18.1 kW, so the range of the car is 76 km. An unusual number among PHEVs.

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We tested it and, as is often the case, the real-world numbers were slightly lower, and we managed to reach 65km/h on mixed use. The maximum charging power of 6.6 kW allows the battery to be ready in 2.5 hours. It’s a good time for Hyper plugin.

Of course, this part can maintain or increase the charge level when going with a storage and charging system, but with a clear increase in average usage.

In addition to Eco, Normal, Custom, Sport and Sport+ driving modes, the Lexus NX 450h+ has special driving modes: Auto EH/HV (use the engine whenever you want) and EV (electric mode).

Lexus Nx Hybrid 2023 Review

In terms of ride feel, the car benefits from responsive and quick steering (2.35 turns between stops) and adaptive AVS suspension with two adjusters.

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In this segment, the NX is a very fun car to drive even though it weighs less than 2,000 kilograms.

As mentioned earlier, the available 309 horsepower can feel good when you use the hybrid mode. You can do this for those who use the vehicle quickly.

Only at high speed does the gasoline engine restart and its noise can be heard in the cabin. To adjust the engine speed, there are five positions in D mode and six in S mode.

The brake pedal is not comfortable, but this does not prevent good stopping thanks to the ventilated rear disc.

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After booting and resetting the on-board computer, we got fuel consumption figures on various trips ranging from 5.5 to 8.0 liters per 100 km.

The most common range is between 6.5 and 7.0 liters, two good numbers that indicate how much the electric motor can use, even without a battery.

You can see this Lexus hybrid car in action. The 55 liter fuel tank also lasts a long time thanks to the Hybri.

Lexus Nx Hybrid 2023 Review

In terms of safety, this model has steering-activated emergency braking and low-visibility collision assist, as well as electronic leaf control that prevents the doors from opening in the event of a collision with a car, cyclist or pedestrian.

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This car comes with an official warranty of ten years or 160,000 kilometers, and it should be noted that Lexus is the most reliable brand according to the latest OCU Reliability Report. Cheap luxury crossovers.

The Lexus NX doesn’t ooze luxury or sportiness like some of its high-end counterparts (ie the Genesis GV70). But even in this highly competitive segment, the little Lexus brings a lot to the table. It combines a comfortable ride, impressive powertrains and practical technology.

And the 2022 Lexus NX 350h stands out from the competition for one simple reason: It’s the only non-plug-in hybrid in its class (and there’s one). That means you get performance up to 39 miles per gallon and a starting price of $42,700.

Car prices refer only to the segment, not the new car market as a whole. Click here for more information on how to value cars.

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The 2022 NX shares many visual features with its predecessor. A large grille and small LED headlights like a hook – now these highlights are placed in the light area, not below. Even the silhouettes are the same.

But with the new grid and updated look, the gridiron gets less attention. Even without the F Sport package, the grille extends to the bumper instead of turning inwards like before. Perhaps the biggest improvement is the LED lighting at the rear with the word “Lexus” spread across the trunk. This makes NX better than ever.

The interior has been greatly improved. The system is not much with fewer buttons and buttons, and best of all, there is no touchpad on the center console. The converter also has a small shade that helps reduce its footprint. This tester has more leather in the black and cream combo that rises above the center console on the driver’s side to create a divider between the shift knob and the new central touchscreen.

Lexus Nx Hybrid 2023 Review

The front seats of the new NX are upright and comfortable. With real leather on this test as part of the $7,450 Luxury trim, the seats are plush and supportive, with plenty of lumbar support and 10-way power adjustment, and the $3,050 Premium package if you want to heat and remove the seats. air (this car does without). The second row is also comfortable, with enough headroom and room for your 6-foot-tall clerk.

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Only F Sport models get adaptive suspension, but even then, the NX handles well on rough and uneven roads. The NX is very quiet, with no wind or tire noise at high speeds.

As one of the smaller offerings in this segment, the NX is a bit short on cargo space. Despite having more cubic trunk space than its predecessor, its compact size places it at the lower end of the luxury segment.

This is one area where the Lexus NX has improved tenfold. No more touchpads like a monolithic screen. Instead, the NX has a 14.0-inch touchscreen (as part of the Luxury Package) and the latest and greatest infotainment system. Behind the steering wheel is a 10.0-inch head-up display and a digital cluster, both of which can be adjusted to reveal the features you need.

About that new information system; It’s the closest thing to an Apple or Android interface for your car. Small layout, good graphics and fast touch response make it easy to navigate the features. It’s a bit confusing when you’re delving into the options, and the lack of a home button is annoying – but those are minor gripes. This is one of the best new data systems out there.

Lexus Nx 450h+ Plug In Hybrid Review

When it comes to premium crossovers, the Lexus NX is in the middle in the performance department. The 2.5-liter four-cylinder hybrid engine produces 239 horsepower and 167 pound-feet of torque. An electric motor on the rear axle gives the NX standard all-wheel drive.

The NX Hybrid isn’t fast, nimble or exciting, but it’s fun enough to drive around town. The steering is light, the suspension is soft and the brakes are well matched. If you’re looking for more fun, there’s a non-hybrid F Sport with a more powerful and dynamic drivetrain that packs a bit more punch, or a more snarky plug-in hybrid version.

Every NX comes with Lexus Safety System + 3.0. This is it

Lexus Nx Hybrid 2023 Review

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