New Lexus Rx 2023 Interior

New Lexus Rx 2023 Interior – Lexus has unveiled the 5th generation RX, a completely redesigned model that marks an important new chapter for this iconic SUV.

The Pioneer RX has been Lexus’ best seller for the past two decades. With more than 3.5 million units sold worldwide since its launch in 1998 – including 300,000 in Europe – this 5th generation RX is key to the future strategy of the brand “Lexus Electrified”.

New Lexus Rx 2023 Interior

New Lexus Rx 2023 Interior

Koji Sato, President of Lexus International: “For the all-new RX, we are determined to enhance the Lexus DNA with high quality, comfort and ride refinement, and to elevate the driving experience to the next level, with the signature Lexus Exclusive drive- to provide”.

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Along with the recently launched NX and the newly launched RZ, the RX will help create the ‘next chapter’ of the Lexus brand. These three models are the strongest forays into the DE premium SUV market, which is the core of Lexus’ business.

Lexus has developed its own “next chapter” design language for the new RX. This includes a new “spindle body” achieved by integrating the spindle concept across the front of the car. The RX team is also inspired by RX’s rich design heritage. The result is a car that is instantly recognizable as an RX, but with a more dynamic, elegant and confident character.

Inside the driver-oriented cabin, Tajuna aims to give the driver a direct and intuitive control of the car, following the principle of “hands on the wheel, eyes on the road”. It also enhances the driving experience with its intuitive and clear layout, enhanced by a new 14-inch touchscreen.

The new RX brings a lineup of three different electric options to Europe. Based on the brand’s offering in Western Europe, the RX 450h+ welcomes RX customers to Lexus’ plug-in technology. With the new RX 350h Hybrid, Lexus offers an efficient alternative to its low-capacity diesels. And for drivers looking for even more exciting performance, Lexus offers the first RX 500h turbo hybrid that comes with DIRECT4 Drive Force Control.

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For the former market, alongside the RX 500h Performance Hybrid, Lexus is introducing a 2.4-liter turbocharged gasoline engine to the RX 350 that delivers better performance than the current model.

To create the new RX “Lexus Driving Signature”, Lexus has optimized important SUV components such as the center of gravity, inertia specifications, weight reduction, stiffness and power to create a natural dialogue between the car and the driver. Improved handling and response comes from the extended GA-K platform, which provides excellent body rigidity and a low center of gravity.

Leveraging Lexus’ world-class safety technology, the RX offers the 3rd generation Lexus Safety System +, including an advanced pre-collision system, new proactive driver assistance and an extensive safety package. The RX also includes the latest multimedia platform, including the Hey Lexus Smart Voice Assistant and the Lexus Link app.

New Lexus Rx 2023 Interior

When it was introduced in 1998, the RX 300 became the world’s first luxury SUV, creating an entirely new segment with the styling, acceleration, handling and quietness of a luxury car. In 2005, the RX 400h introduced the world’s first hybrid luxury car, a revolutionary engine that combined a V6 gasoline engine with a powerful electric motor, a technological breakthrough that served as the launching pad for the entire Lexus hybrid line. Praised by customers for its comfort, refinement and quality, the 2016 RX was the first Lexus model to receive the Lexus Safety System + technology. In 2019, RX introduced the world’s first BladeScanTM Adaptive High Beam system, a technology that uses a spherical mirror to improve illumination from LED headlights.

Lexus Rx Interior Ambient Light

“First we created a dynamic exterior design to show an impressive, attractive presence and a stable driving position. Then we improved the proportions to get a better driving experience and added new driving technologies like DIRECT4”, explained RX chief engineer Takaaki said. Ohno.

Moving towards electrification, designers took on the challenge of incorporating a new “spindle body” design identity into the new RX. This results in improved mesh integration, which gives a feeling of power​​​​​​​​ and a low center of gravity. More compact and sharper headlights, air vents and a wider track (15 mm) reinforce the stable and confident look.

To achieve a bolder stance, Lexus designers have reduced the elegant front-to-back stance by widening the hood, extending the wheelbase by 60mm and lowering the roofline by 10mm. Giving the car a coupe-like feel, the signature black rear pillars (Lexus’ so-called “floating roof”) are now more three-dimensional in appearance, while the RX’s added dynamism comes from wider character lines and larger 21-inch wheels.

The triple LED lights are sleeker, sharper and more horizontal. The design is highlighted by L-shaped daytime running lights that create a strong look. At the rear, Lexus’ signature single-line taillights emphasize the car’s iconic RX shape, while wide (50 mm) tracks contribute to stance and road presence. The introduction of the new “LEXUS” badge on the tailgate creates a clean and modern look

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F SPORT emphasizes the sporty qualities of the RX, featuring a front grille, aerodynamic front and rear skirts and bumpers. The grade is only offered in Eastern Europe as the RX 500h or RX 350 Performance Hybrid.

To make the cabin more driver-centric, Lexus has developed the Tazuna Cockpit concept. First introduced on the new NX and RZ, it has now been adopted for the new RX. Taking its name from the Japanese word for “horse support”, Tazuna focuses on direct yet intuitive controls. In the cabin, information sources such as multimedia screens, information displays, single gauges, central gauges and head-up displays are grouped so that their content can be read with minimal eye and head movements.

“The combination of the Tazuna’s strong cabin design and the luxurious spaciousness of the SUV with Lexus ‘L’ elements such as high-quality leather and embossed suede by Takumi is exactly the custom look we were aiming for when designing this new interior.”, commented. said RX Interior designer Jota Kusakari.

New Lexus Rx 2023 Interior

Designers wanted to create a small, but intuitive and smart interior space using the highest quality materials. The front seats have been redesigned for first-class access, excellent support and heating/ventilation. In order to provide very ergonomic support around the waist, the side of the seat is concave.

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A standout feature of the new RX is its animal-free leather interior, developed in response to growing demand from vegetarians and other eco-friendly customers. This means that not only the Comfort class seats, but also the steering wheel and shift knob are covered in synthetic leather. Here, customers can choose from black sand and ammonite sand.

An expression of Lexus ‘Omotenashi’ hospitality, the ‘Lexus Mood Selector’ feature allows the RX’s ambient lighting to be customized from a palette of 64 colors and 14 customizable themes.

The new Lexus RX offers five luxurious seats with plenty of luggage space and excellent legroom. Thanks to increased ground clearance (1010mm, +10mm compared to the previous model), redesigned seats and smart packaging, the Lexus RX manages to feel more spacious inside. Easy to use with 30mm lower loading height. Thanks to the clever design of the tailgate, the luggage compartment is now 50 mm longer. This extra length helps accommodate larger items, while the 40:20:40 split rear seats can accommodate items such as skis or a surfboard.

All RX models represent the ‘Lexus Driving Signature’ in their own way, thanks to the excellent credentials of the platforms and electric devices, but with a common thread: increased comfort response, together with a new level of linear and direct response. The driver is always under control and this immediately gives a sense of confidence.

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The new Lexus RX is built on the GA-K platform, which is similar to the NX, but with a different design. For example, the rear has been completely redesigned to extend the wheelbase, but additional wishbones and suspension brackets have been implemented to increase rigidity. This increased stability allowed Lexus engineers to fine-tune the suspension, improving not only efficiency but also comfort.

This new RX platform made it possible to reduce the car’s weight by 90 kg and reduce the overall height by 10 mm, resulting in a 15 mm lower center of gravity. The wheelbase has been extended by 60 mm, while maintaining the overall length and reducing rollover. By 15mm at the front and 50mm at the rear, the track is also wider and, combined with the 21-inch wheels, gives the RX a more confident stance and grip.

To save weight, Lexus used advanced materials such as 2GPa high-tensile steel material for the center pillar and aluminum for the wings and hood. The new structure consists of 1180 MPa steel for rocker reinforcement and 1470 MPa steel for roof reinforcement.

New Lexus Rx 2023 Interior

The new multi-link rear suspension allows for a significant increase in performance, providing improved lateral stability and anti-roll characteristics. Capable of handling high levels of torque, it significantly reduces noise, vibration and harshness.

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While ensuring Lexus-like silence inside the cabin with noise and vibration reduction systems, sound engineers and masters to add a sense of power and performance. to encourage

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